What is a CoA and Why Does it Matter?

Understanding what we consume goes deeper than the ingredient list on a package. We also need to trust the ingredients themselves are safe and exactly what they claim to be. But how do we know what a brand says is true?


One way is through proper documentation throughout the supply chain. Required regulatory checks, as well as the voluntary third-party examination of manufacturing practices and products themselves, help companies put out dependable and effective offerings. 

A certificate of analysis (CoA) is one tool brands use to guarantee product quality. Some heavily regulated industries require the use of CoAs to ensure consumer safety and maintain compliance. 


But what exactly is a CoA and why is it important? Read on to find out!


What is a Certificate of Analysis?


According to Law Insider, a certificate of analysis is “a document, signed by an authorized representative of the manufacturer, describing specifications for, and testing methods applied to the product, and the results thereof.”


In layman’s terms, a CoA helps ensure product makers receive exactly what they ordered while simultaneously increasing consumer confidence. These verified documents outline product specifications, laboratory testing results, manufacturing and transport dates, and other pertinent information that proves a company is delivering what it promises.


CoAs live at the intersection of materials suppliers, production facilities, and labs with the function of confirming important data while also providing a chain of custody. They may differ slightly between industries but serve the same purpose: to guarantee safety and quality.


Differences in CoAs – Going Above and Beyond


As we mentioned previously, CoAs may vary from supply chain to supply chain. They can also differ within industries depending on the type of business or individual brand preference. 


Some companies can add on certain types of testing to boost confidence, going above and beyond to prove their products are the best. For example, they may choose to opt-in to check for the presence of certain toxic compounds even if not required in order to show they’re willing to go the extra mile for their customer. Slim Winkel, unlike very few other companies, chooses to make their CoAs available for the end consumer to offer full transparency.


Final Thought


A certificate of analysis is an important part of the production process for many finished goods. It confirms company claims, protects consumers, and provides an opportunity to boost consumer confidence. 


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