Synergistic Stacking – Combining Compounds for Maximum Benefit

The world is full of synergy. Different beings coexist throughout complex ecosystems creating perfect harmony. Chefs create cuisines combining unique ingredients that somehow come together in an orchestra of flavor.


There are also synergies between different compounds, especially in the world of plant medicine. People may opt to combine ingredients in a practice called stacking. It is a concept that is being more widely explored as people become more inspired to take control of their health (and their understanding of it).


Stacking is becoming more prevalent in the realm of functional mushrooms — read on to learn more!


What is Stacking?


The art of stacking sees people choosing ingredients that can work together synergistically and taking them in conjunction with one another. This may be in the form of powders or all-in-one capsules. The compounds may increase the potency of each other and certainly maximizes the efficiency of the overall regimen.


Some mushrooms have been found to work even better when used alongside other fungi or similar natural ingredients. But how did the practice of stacking become so prevalent?


“Stacking” Mushrooms for Maximum Benefit


The term “stacking” became popularized by famed mycologist Paul Stamets thanks to his “Stamets Stack” protocol that has been widely adopted by those seeking the benefits of both activated and functional mushrooms. His recipe calls for equal parts activated mushroom, lion’s mane, and niacin. The addition of the niacin specifically promotes the performance of the fungi components. 


As research and development into functional mushrooms continues, the number of products meant to tap into the synergistic stacking potential has continued to rapidly evolve. 


Mycowerx: 6 Mushrooms in One Tiny But Powerful Package


The Mycowerx line from Slim Winkel contains six powerful functional mushrooms meant to boost wellness in one convenient and potent package. A well-curated blend of chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, and maitake offers a wide array of benefits from improved cognitive function to the promotion of good gut bacteria in an easy-to-consume capsule. Mycowerx takes stacking to the next level, providing a simple way to get the best out of six fantastic fungi.

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