Cordyceps Mushroom with Kakadu Plum Powder 50g

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Support your energy!
The Cordyceps mushroom is an extraordinary fungi to say the least, it has been used as a mushroom powder extensively in traditional Chinese medicine to treat fatigue, low sex drive and kidney disease for centuries. It is thought to host a range of bioactive compounds that provide many health benefits when consumed [1- 9].

The Cordyceps mushroom will power you through your day, whether it’s a busy day in the office, a big training session at the gym or anything that life has to throw your way, Cordyceps has got your back!

Now you can enjoy the Cordyceps mushroom mild and creamy flavour in powder form to add to your favourite drinks or recipes.

Reap the plentiful rewards of this mighty mushroom with the added benefits of Australian wild harvested Kakadu Plum, known to have the highest concentration of vitamin C of any fruit in the world!

Our Cordyceps Powder is:

Vegan friendly
Gluten free

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